Job #5848

crease under stbd jibe stomp area - soft & crunchy

bubble test - it leaks

the stbd mast slam 1 1/2ft off nose leaks as well

inject some Urethane foam to prevent deck collapse during evacuation

evacuate water from core

time to look into the guts - arrgghh! this did not stand a chance...

but onwards! new inner glass and Divinycell being vacuum-bagged to soft area

raw new Divinny patch

new Divinny feathered out

"glassed" over with 2x 6oz fiberglass plus 4.5oz Carbon cloth - new structurals complete

new lams feathered out

Epoxy fairing compound, generously applied

excess fairing compound sanded off
Epoxy primer slathered on
ready for paint
all back together
a bit more curing, a bit of dusting, and she'll be good to go - bring on the wind! (btw, total weight gain 1oz)

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