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2013 Lake Isabella Speed Quest  May 10 through July 28

being a season-long, self-guided contest to promote camaraderie, group spirit, learning from others, improvement, and fun




Lake Isabella Speed Week

is now a fond memory - see here for the results.


but the competition continues, with the extended Speed Quest running through July 28

If you signed up for Speed Week, you are automatically signed up for Speed Quest as well.

If you did not, flag me down to sign up!!


Who: all levels, from beginners to experts

How: GPS - bring your own, or borrow one of mine


Come whenever you want during this time frame, whenever you think there might be suitable wind, whenever you can sneak out. Sign up online with GPS-Speedsurfing, or with me, usually sailing from the AuxDam site. Borrow a GPS if you don't have your own. Sail your heart out! At the end of your sesh, bring the GPS back to me to have the data downloaded. Camp out with your pals. Repeat as desired.


Saturday July 27, we will host an "Open House" for beginners, with land simulator and beginner instruction on the water. That evening, we will have a campfire get-together with potluck and a raffle. Sunday July 28 at 2pm (or thereabouts, depending on how tempting the wind), come for the 2013 Speed Quest grand winner ceremony, with certificates given for the fastest times in novice class (having windsurfed less than 12 months), vintage (both board and sail older than 10 years), heavy weight (rider more than 250lbs), Junior 0-19yrs m&f, 20-39yrs m&f, 40-59yrs m&f, senior 60+ m&f


Nuts & bolts:

Rated speeds will be the 2s values as calculated by "GPS-Results", one of the programs approved by www.gps-speedsurfing.com

Both AuxDam as well as Ghetto sailing sites are in a Forest Service fee area. Passes (one-day

$10.-, or annual $50.- can be purchased at the Forest Service office above Launch 19, or the Golden State Surplus store in town (next to the Isabella Supermarket).

Or you could opt for the $80.- Annual Interagency Pass, which is good for most federally run parks - for info see here http://www.nps.gov/findapark/passes.htm. Lucky seniors can purchase a "Senior Access Pass" for $10.-, good for all times (or until UV obliterates the number).

All watercraft need to have a Lake Permit, windsurfers are $30.- annual per operator, NOT per board!, which you can purchase at the Shell Station kitty-corner from the McDonalds. These permit requirements are being enforced this year, and citations will be issued if you are found wanting!

For additional visitor information, see here



                                   Headquarters & Sign-in

                                                                                 Headquarters at the Aux Dam Rec Area


There will be Speed Quest T-Shirts, of course! only $15.- each. Order here before June 30, then pick up when you sign in at the lake!

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